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Strömungstechnik Hydraulische Netzwerke Thermo-Management Thermische Systeme Aerodynamik Strömungsakustik Motor Prozesse Virtuelle Prüfstände GT-SUITE STAR-CCM+
Advanced Flow Analysis Hydraulic Systems Thermal Management Aerodynamics Thermal Systems Flow Acoustics Engine Performance Virtual Bench Testing GT-SUITE STAR-CCM+

Our Passion: Simulation and Analysis

With our experience of over 20 years in simulation and design analysis of complex fluid flow, heat transfer and acoustic systems we have proved to be a competent and reliable partner to our customers – Automotive OEMs and Suppliers.

Our belief in highest quality standards, leading edge technology, and sustainability we share with our customers.

Our Know How: Engine Thermal Design and Vehicle Integration

To solve stress, strain, durability and cooling issues is essential for the design of internal combustion engines, electric motors and cooling systems.

However, thermal and energy management competence is becoming more and more relevant to ensure fuel economy for customer-oriented drive profiles – especially for complex BEV and PHEV drivetrains. Simulation and analysis of such complex systems is one of InDesA's core competence.

Virtual is Reality: Virtual BenchTesting

Virtual Performance Testing for automotive accessory units and modules has reached a high and reliable standard with respect to flow and thermal performance prediction.

Virtual Testing for pumps, fans and heat exchanger is a powerful tool soon to substitute physical testing and revolutionizing the product creation process.

InDesA operates a suite of virtual test rigs suited for various purposes.